Dmitri Plotnikov, Stasia Chening, Liza Plotnikova
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In 2001 for the first time we were making more money than we were spending. To correct the troubling situation, we decided to travel big. We went to California for ten days and spent the first three of them walking the steep streets San Francisco. Then we drove a rental car all the way down the scenic Highway 1 to Los Angeles, visiting places like Carmel, Monterrey, Pebble Beach and Santa Barbara. Finally, we spent a couple of days in LA, visiting the Universal Studios theme park, the Chinese Theater, Getty Museum etc.

By the way, while waiting for tickets for Spielberg's AI, we saw superstar Heather Graham in the flesh. She also came to the movies with a girlfriend.

As there was still some gold left in the coffers, we also went to New Orleans the same year!

Best Pictures of the Year
Before and after haircut.
June 2001 · San Francisco
July 2001 · from San Francisco to Los Angeles
November 2001 · New Orleans
2001 Portraits