Dmitri Plotnikov, Stasia Chening, Liza Plotnikova
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July 2001 · from San Francisco to Los Angeles
The word "pleasant" defines Carmel. It is a little beach town on the Bay of Carmel. There is just nothing we did not like about it. It has been voted one of top ten vacation destinations in the US.
If you look closely, you'll see that Liza is scribbling the word "David" on the sand.
Pretty houses, cozy restaurants and tasteful shopping.
Big Sur
The Big Sur region, about 90 miles (145 km) in length along California's coastal Highway 1, lies between the San Francisco Bay area and the Los Angeles area.
Of course, we had to visit Santa Barbara, not only because it is a nice town 2 hours away from Los Angeles, but also because Santa Barbara was the first American soap opera shown in Russia and we all watched it. Now, many years later, as we were entering the city, we felt like we were coming home.

The only issue was the heat - over 100°F (34°C).

Check out this picture taken at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles. This is the Jurassic Park Ride. The idea of the ride is this: they put you in a large boat and start dragging the boat up. You see all kinds of papier-mâché dinosaurs opening their mouths etc. At the end of the ride there is a slope going down at about 45 degrees for maybe 15 meters or more. The boat is stopped by water - it just splashes down. Everybody is wet and happy. Then they tell you that they "secretly" took your picture just as you were dropping down that slope. You don't have to buy the picture, but we did.