Dmitri Plotnikov, Stasia Chening, Liza Plotnikova
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November 2001 · New Orleans
We traveled to New Orleans (or "nawlins" as locals pronounce it) for Stasia's birthday of 2001. She organized the whole thing, so we had a good room at a nice hotel 10 min away from French Quarter.
French Quarter
This historic part of the town is the only intact French Colonial and Spanish settlement remaining in the United States. We have seen Jamestown and Williamsburg. Those places are blatantly fake. French Quarter is real. It smells like history (as well as beer and urine).
Most houses in French Quarter have balconies. During the annual Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) festival, happy and usually very drunk men gather underneath these balconies and throw traditional threads of beads to happy and often also very drunk women standing on the balconies. As a reward those women often bare their breasts to the cheering crowds.
Mardi Gras is in the spring. We were there in November, but the beads were sold at every corner and women were showing their chests despite the wrong season. I would have taken a picture or two if it weren't for Stasia's strict morals, which she imposed on me by the means of unambiguous looks and even less ambigous pinches.
This wonderful pharmacy museum has on display some unforgettable objects, for example:
· A rusted primitive looking skull saw, which was used by a neurosurgeon a century ago.
· A piece of some extremely stinky material, used to prevent the spread of a contageous desease. A sick child would carry it as a pendant. Other children, repelled by the stench, would stay way from him thus avoiding the infection.
New Orleans is famous for its food. Both styles: Cajun and Creole are wonderful.
The owner of this cafe did all the design herself and she also plays piano for her customers a couple of times a week.
New Orleans is the worlds' Jazz Capital. We saw several preformances by street Jazz musicians who looked like bums but played like Gods.
Another bizzar art. There are street performers who stand in most uncomfortable poses completely motionless for hours. I don't understand how heat does not kill them.
Mardi Gras
French Market
Saint Louis Cathedral and Cemeteries
Built in 1794, it is the oldest active cathedral in the U.S.
St. Charles Ave StreetcarAudubon Park