Dmitri Plotnikov, Stasia Chening, Liza Plotnikova
2007 California
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Dmitri moved to California and started working at Google on April 16, 2007. He lived at a corporate apartment in this picturesque part of Santa Clara.
He worked 12 hours a day. But on weekends he drove around the neighboring parts of the country.
For example, these pictures were taken on a mountainous road on the Santa Cruz Ridge.
 These were taken at the Ocean at Half Moon Bay. Firemen were performing an exercise. 
 The ocean is cold, few were swimming in April, but those who did wore drysuits.
June 10 · Muir Forest
Once Stasia, Liza and Nikolai joined Dmitri in California, we continued exploring the area together.
June 16 · Santa Cruz
July 21 · Golden Gate Park
August 11 · Half-Moon Bay
September 2 · Seacliff
San Francisco, Wishermans Wharf
October 21 · San Francisco Zoo
Half Moon Bay · Pumpkin Patch
November 3 · Stasia's Birthday · San Francisco
We spent the day in San Francisco. Breakfast in a French cafe, followed by a walk to Lush, a fancy soap shop where Liza bought Stasia a box of presents and finally Presidio, a nice park near Golden Gate Bridge. The statue of Yoda is at the Letterman Digital Arts Center.
November 18 · Stanford University